There are all together 4 entrances to the ambit of an area designated as Taman Negara. They are Kuala Tahan, Merapoh, Kuala Koh and Tanjong Mentong. Of these, Kuala Tahan is the best known and acknowledged as The Park itself. That destination offers mainly jungle trekking and camping. While all point boast of having hides for wildlife, I would say the ones in Merapoh were those with best changes. That corner of the Park was not developed and traffic to the trails were extremely low. Merapoh also offers the chance to walk through the ambience of a pristine jungle without resorting to jungle trekking.

Kuala Koh too, offers jungle trekking trails as in Kuala Tahan. The trails in Kuala Koh are hilly and more suited for those who loves hiking rather trekking. Then what is the niche in Kuala Koh? The road leading to the Park holds lots of promises until the last and actual dedicated road. It was nothing more than a track. That was the first let down! the Park offices was more or less situated in the middle of a secondary forest. That doesn't say much about pristine nor the chances of seeing wildlife. The promises that there were more to come is the untouched forest across the river. That was where the trails were and the canopy bridge. But you could see from the pictures later that he bridge to that portion of the Park proper was unusable.

Having said all that, though the Park in the midst of a plantation sort of environment, did have potential as a birding area. We had good luck the a bird wave with lots of quality birds showed up to dispel our non-confidence.

Then the park boast of the chances to land fair size fishes. This point was rather surprising. The Park, a protected area, restrict such activities. However all brochures distributed by the authority claims that there were such location. Without proper conservations rules, this claims needs to be tested.

For the first part, we ourselves find that getting to the Park was an adventure. the long drive and our skepticism and faith the location and information given by the various sign boards

This is the most prominent sign. Travelers like me was at once attracted and their curiosity raised. It is posted as you leave Gua Musang to head north to Kuala Krai. The distance quoted meant the total distance from this point via the trunk plus the small estate roads that you need to pass through

Then after some 40 kilometers out of Gua Musang, this second sign would be seen

At this junction or turn off into the Palm Oil country, this sign was posted at that junction. Could only be seen if you are traveling southwards. The sign is wrong. The sketch given is a mirror image. First of all this small estate road are designated as the Trans-Peninsula Highway linking Gua Musang to Kuala Behrang. The location of Taman Negara is due south [right side] of the Highway and should be reflected as the top of the sketch and not the lower portion.

The first 30 odd kilometers was fairly straight forward, as we passed through well managed estates. Then, we drew nearer to the edge of developments. Many attempts were made to upgrade the signboards

By the time, we were leaving the estates behind, the quality of the boards dropped. Perhaps, those operating the Park were thinking that their offices were so near. There is no reason to get lost now! I can assure you that we need the guidance. the terrain was one of rolling hills, absolutely remote and not a soul in sight, in case you need to do some asking.

The last bridge before reaching the Park, the signage replaced. No more "Taman Negara" but a forest reserve signs.

The last kilometer, back to paved road once more


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